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Thursday, November 18, 2010

For Her by Rachel Clark

For Her

Available 19th November 2010 from Cobblestone Press


Jack is worried about his wife. She seems very unhappy now that all of their children are at college. He needs to shock her out of her gradual slide into depression, so maybe it's time for her to explore her submissive side again… but so much has changed over the years. Diana is no longer the shy, young woman he married. Will changing the dynamics of a happy marriage create more problems than it solves?

(Warning adult content, naughty thoughts, even naughtier behaviour.)


He found her sitting in the same place she’d been the last four nights.
Jack had hoped tonight would be different, that she’d found something else to occupy her time, but she sat curled in the wooden rocking chair in their son’s old room. Her eyes were closed as she rocked slowly back and forth.
She didn’t even hear him come in.
“Oh, baby girl, what am I going to do with you?” he asked quietly, almost talking to himself.
Diana smiled slightly when she heard his voice, but didn’t open her eyes. “You haven’t called me that in twenty years.” Her words sounded watery, like she’d spent more time crying today, and it tugged at his heart at the same time that it annoyed the hell out of him. All three of their children were at college, yet she acted like they were gone for good.
In some ways, he understood why she felt so sad. She’d spent the last twenty years dedicated to their children, a hard-working stay-at-home mom making certain that her kids had everything they needed, every opportunity they could grasp, every chance to be all they could be.
And she’d succeeded admirably.
The twins, Kate and Kelly, were studying pre-med in the hopes of one day becoming doctors. Kate had her mind set on being a world-class heart surgeon, while Kelly preferred the idea of general practice. Whatever the direction they decided during their studies, he knew his daughters would succeed. Their confidence and ability to see the world and all its opportunities was thanks to the woman who now rocked quietly in the chair.
Their son had left for college just three weeks ago, and it had seemed to hit Diana really hard. In the past year, she’d thrown herself into so many functions and sporting events and study clubs that Jack had wondered where she’d gotten the energy. Now he could see her actions had been fueled by a desperate need to hold onto the one child she had left at home.
His frustration with her came from knowing that, with all three offspring flown from the family nest, she had a chance to move forward, to do something for herself instead of her family, but she seemed reluctant.
He stepped into the room, uncertainty clawing at his insides. Her life had changed dramatically even though his really hadn’t. He still worked at the job he loved, for a boss who appreciated his efforts. He missed the kids of course but, for the most part, he was happy and content with his life. He wanted his wife to be happy and just as willing to see the future brightly.
Jack watched a single tear slide down her cheek and felt his anger spark. Hell, maybe he was an insensitive ass, but he needed to shock her out of this blue funk.
“Stand up,” he said in a tone of voice he hadn’t used in a long time. Her eyes flew open, surprise evident in her expression. She watched him closely as if waiting for something more or maybe she was considering the consequences of following his orders. He shifted his weight on his feet, went to repeat his order but second-guessed himself instead. He was considering an apology when she rose gracefully and moved to stand in front of him.
His fingers shaking slightly, Jack placed a hand on either side of her waist, smoothed his palms under the elastic of her sweatpants and underwear, and pushed them to her knees. She inhaled sharply but didn’t try to stop him.
“Bend over the bed. Face and shoulders against the mattress. Ass in the air.”