Rachel loves romance in all its forms. She writes sci-fi, paranormal, and contemporary stories in MMF, MF, FFM, MFM, and occassionally FMMMMMMM pairings.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Me and My Muse

Hi Muse! Such an exciting week...
Edits for G'baena's Pirates are nearly finished, I've got the paperwork for the cover for Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists, my new FFM sci-fi is tweaked and almost ready for submission and I've got For Her ready for release on Friday. (Not to mention the million non-writing things that need to be done this week.)
Yes I know we have wips waiting. Really Muse, I know, but we don't have time to write this week. Seriously, I need sleep, I need rest, I need a break, I need... I need...
I need to write that down.