Rachel loves romance in all its forms. She writes sci-fi, paranormal, and contemporary stories in MMF, MF, FFM, MFM, and occassionally FMMMMMMM pairings.

Friday, February 22, 2013

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   Karly James is determined to protect her sister from the BDSM community that almost got her killed. Anger fuels every word. The newspaper articles are just the beginning of her war against Doms and fetish clubs.
   But Karly is a woman with a terrible secret. Everyone else sees a happy, loving marriage. Only she knows what it costs to maintain the illusion.
   When Bryce and Grant Anderson stumble upon the truth, they move to protect her, vowing to keep her safe, forcing her to face reality, and giving her a chance at a new beginning. But when love starts to blossom, all three find themselves facing a difficult choice.
   Can Karly truly set aside the hurts of the past and learn to trust again? Can Bryce and Grant deny their dominant tendencies even when it’s for a woman they love?
   Perhaps, for some people, love never was meant to conquer all…

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